Curves Member Success Stories

Cecile Biais

Pounds lost: 66
Inches lost: 65

“This is the best decision I ever made"


Cecile Biais is a young woman who lives in Berkshire, a county in southern England. Cecilia approached her thirties, an age considered by many women as the "ideal age", but she bought her clothes in shops reserved for large sizes. She wanted to lose weight at any price, but did not know how to get started. "The more I swelled, the more I was depressed ... I totally lost my confidence, both at work with my friends. " In just one year, Cecile literally melted. With a size 50-52, she now has a recognizable figure with a waist of 38. She lost over 65 pounds and 65 inches distributed throughout the body! She says she spent a challenging year, but "without Curves, I could not have done!" In addition to her phenomenal weight loss and greatly improved fitness, Cecile also sees life in a much more positive way. Today she has more confidence in herself and feels more "balanced". Her health has also greatly improved, her attitude is positive and style of living has improved, elements that have brought her closer to her family. According to Cecile, this Curves adventure has changed her life. "It's the best decision I ever made."

Diane Jordan

Pounds Lost: 70

"The last time I was this thin, I was a teenager!"


When Diane Jordan made the decision to join Curves in 2006, her morale was "at the bottom." His size 60 did not only affect her pride; she seriously endangered her life. She had all the risks of developing hypertensive disorders, diabetes or suffering a stroke, among other serious health problems. At Curves, Diane learned that some small changes could make all the difference. Encouraged by the staff of Curves and the 30 minute workout three times a week, she began to drink water every day and eat smaller healthier food portions. She also began eating more fruits and vegetables. In just two years, Diane's efforts have paid off. She has now lost nearly 70 pounds and wears size 14 dresses! She is proud of her efforts and said, thinking of her debut at Curves, "Since that time, I built a new life and I now have more confidence in myself and my body." Thinking about her new figure and the changes it has brought to her every day life, Diane recalls: "The last time I was this thin, I was a teenager!". In addition to this, Diane told us that before joining Curves and begin this adventure, she had never owned a pair of jeans or a single dress. After losing nearly 70 lbs, jeans and dresses have now become two essential elements of her new wardrobe.

Heather Davies

Pounds Lost: 97

"From the beginning, we loved every minute we spent at Curves!"


The life of Heather Davies was transformed one day in August 2004, when she lost her only son, Carlton, 32, of cancer. Devastated by the loss of her beloved son, she sank into a long depression the following year. She even ends up "thinking that life was not worth living". At 216 lbs, her weight had consequences for both her mood and health. Heather describes times when she "looked in the mirror and hating what she saw and what she felt." Over time, she realized that her son would not want to see her like this "I realized that Carlton would have been angry if he saw me so depressed and so unhappy." Heather decided to join a club to lose weight, but she soon realized that diet alone is not sufficient: "I had to strengthen my body so I wouldn't find myself with a surplus of skin." After some research, she decided that Curves was the best choice to help achieve her goal. She became a member, accompanied by her sister, and never looked back: "From the beginning, we loved every minute we spent at Curves!". Heather has also made new friends. In their group, they "always manage to have fun while doing their exercise". From the day she decided to join Curves, Heather has lost 97 lbs! Curves has helped her to "enjoy life again and feel I could do anything I wanted." Before joining Curves, she spent more than 20 years taking pills for her blood pressure. Today, she no longer needs to take medication. Surgery scheduled for an old knee problem has also been reversed by Heather due to muscle strengthening exercises done in the Curves program.